white under desk pedestal 3 drawers

White under desk pedestal 3 drawers are a compact and safe choice for limited space business or home offices. The bottom drawer keeps your files organized to accommodate letters or legitimate-sized documents, while the top two drawers provide extra storage space for your small items. The right size makes white under desk pedestal 3 drawers suitable for most desks, and the casters on five wheels (one installed under the file drawer for stability) make movement easy.

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Lockable and safeable: The built-in interlocking system secures all three drawers with 2 cabinet keys. White under desk pedestal 3 drawers ensure that your personal files are protected and protected every day The file drawer at the bottom of Organizing Your Workplace, with adjustable partitions for your Letler / Legal / A4 hanging folder. The first two stationery drawers, with a removable pencil case, are used to store books, rubber and other office supplies Mobile device with 5 casters Heavy wheels make it a removable cabinet that can be moved to any location you like. 2 central casters can be locked, and an additional anti-dumping wheel prevents tiping and slipping. These 360-degree rotary wheels provide mobility and stability for white under desk pedestal 3 drawers. The smooth rails of the extender allow you to open the file drawer completely and easily and quickly access the contents of the back of the drawer. Three chests of drawers expand your storage space for your files and other items The white under desk pedestal 3 drawers are made of high-quality steel and reinforced construction to ensure a load-bearing capacity of up to 330 pounds for long periods of time. Modern matte white coated surfaces make surfaces waterproof, scratch-resistant, fireproof and easy to clean.
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