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white steel mobile pedestal manufacture

Due to the disassembly and assembly design of white steel mobile pedestal manufacture, it is convenient to transport and assemble. After purchasing it, follow the instructions given to assemble it, which can be done by people who are completely inexperienced.
Product Dimensions (mm):H600*W390*D500
Product Weight (KGS):19.5
Frame Finish:White/Black/Silver
Thickness (mm):0.7mm

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Good fire resistance: Compared with traditional wooden office furniture, the advantages of china steel tambour door unit factory in terms of fire resistance are really much better. Fire prevention is a very critical point in the office. Stronger: China steel tambour door unit factory is generally connected by welding, so the overall structure appears to be much stronger than office furniture of other materials. In addition to welding, there are also screws for contact, and the screws are not easy to loosen and fall out. It is very secure. More environmentally friendly: You must know that steel generally has recycling value and can be reused, so this makes a relatively large contribution to environmental protection. The china steel tambour door unit factory does not need to be processed with glue, so it will not volatilize harmful gas, and it will not have weird smell. Stable performance: Compared with wood and plastic materials, China steel tambour door unit factory will not be affected by too many external factors in long-term use, it is not easy to deform and discolor, and its performance is very stable. High space utilization, strong load-bearing capacity, long-life office furniture such as filing cabinets, movable cabinets china steel tambour door unit factory and other office furniture, using steel optimized structure, so it has a strong load-bearing capacity. The steel plate is thinner than other materials, so it has an advantage in space utilization. Its service life and cycle can generally reach 10-20 years.
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