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under desk pedestal 3 drawers supplier

The common steel under desk pedestal supplier in the market has two draws and three draws. People often use three-drawing movable cabinets. The storage capacity of steel under desk pedestal supplier is better than that of two-drawing cabinets. It is more suitable for display in large and small sizes, especially in the office, which is often used to store documents. Steel under desk pedestal 3 drawer supplier is also more convenient to find documents in the office. It is also effortless to bend over and lower your head, and it is more cost-effective.
Product Dimensions (mm):H600*W400*D500
Product Weight (KGS):22.5
Thickness (mm):0.7mm
Number of Drawers:2 Standard + 1 File Drawer

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How to choose the activity cabinet that suits you? First of all, according to actual needs, if the table top is placed low, you can choose the two-drawing type; if the table top is high, you can choose the three-drawing movable cabinet.The second is to choose a steel movable cabinet with interlocking function. This way, you can avoid that when one of the movable cabinets is opened, the other movable cabinets cannot be opened. The interlocking function can prevent the cabinet from falling over due to the heavy items placed on the upper layer of the movable cabinet. Happening. In addition, the surface of the steel movable cabinet is made of environmentally friendly plastic powder electrostatic spraying process, the thickness of the coating film is uniform, the appearance is exquisite, and the spray powder on the surface has a good adsorption force and is not easy to fall off, and the cabinet looks very textured. This kind of mobile cabinet is environmentally friendly and does not emit toxic gases. In addition, when choosing a steel movable cabinet, you should choose a back cover, which can play a role in preventing rodents and insects. If it is sealed, the preservation of documents and materials will be more assured. Under desk pedestal 3 drawers supplier, the cabinet body, drawers and rails are made of cold-rolled steel plates, which can be beautified by electroplating and spraying. The choice of locks is very important. It is recommended to choose cabinet locks made of stainless steel. This material has good strength, strong corrosion resistance, will not rust, and has good durability. In short, under desk pedestal 3 drawers supplier brings convenience to people's work and life.
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