steel single door locker for sale

The steel single door locker for sale has many styles and wide uses, suitable for a variety of scenarios: office, school, gym, swimming pool, dormitory, etc. Two major features: high-quality raw materials, non-phosphorus powder coating
Style: single-door cabinet, single two-door cabinet, single three-door cabinet, single four-door cabinet, single five-door cabinet
Color: pearl white, off-white, frosted black

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Steel single door locker for sale is mostly used for the management of documents and materials, items, etc. in government agencies, business units, schools and offices. From the material, steel single door locker for sale is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate crafted, pressure-resistant, strong, impact-resistant, not easy to deformation, both strong and very durable. Secondly, from the production process, steel single door locker for sale surface spraying using green environmentally friendly plastic powder, using electrostatic spraying process, so that the coating does not fall off, not rust, solid coating, long service life. When we buy steel single door locker for sale, we need to take into account the service life, buy bad quality, use 2 years can not be used, if you buy good quality, at least 5 years - 10 years, there is a saying that the value determines the price, it is true.
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