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steel file cabinet for sale

Steel file cabinet for sale adopts high-quality cold-rolled steel plate of Wuhan Iron and Steel; the cabinet body adopts imported Aksu electrostatic powder spray; ABS engineering plastic handle, which has good resistance and long practical life; the lock adopts customized lock, and the mutual opening rate is 0.

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steel file cabinet for sale adopts the most advanced international steel coating spraying, 100% environmental protection, the product surface is treated by nine processes such as oil removal, cleaning, rust removal, phosphate cleaning, pretreatment, cleaning, passivation
steel file cabinet for sale surface spraying quality thermosetting powder, smooth and neat, with popular color matte electrostatic spraying, high temperature plasticization. Spraying surface flat, smooth, no hanging, starting material, wrinkled skin, the bottom off, scars and other defects affecting the quality
Steel file cabinet for sale in the production process using CNC welding machine, a new touch welding technology, welding at the flat and beautiful; nine stations phosphate treatment, the harsh environment is still moisture-proof, rust-proof, wear-resistant.
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