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steel arc mobile pededstal for sale

Steel arc mobile pededstal adopts SPCC high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, the conventional colors are white, black, color, equipped with key lock, universal roller with brake, full extension steel ball pulley
Small drawer internal size: L500mm * W330mm * H70mm
Compatible with A4 Hanging Express: L345mm*W243mm*H315mm
Compatible with FB Hanging Express: L405mm*W243mm*H365mm

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Steel arc mobile pededstal for sale is made of high-quality 0.6/0.8mm cold-rolled steel plate, refined with domestic advanced automatic assembly line, and the cabinet body spray layer is made of frosted powder with strong hardness and high corrosion resistance. The drawer rail adopts the current advanced two-section rail, and the cabinet lock adopts stainless steel high-grade locks with switch display function. The steel arc mobile pededstal for sale of DBin office furniture is the most popular. steel arc mobile pededstal for sale is green and environmentally friendly, and is convenient for long-distance hauling. Mainly to lengthen the archived files. The key to maintenance is to maintain and clean to avoid scratches by sharps. For stubborn stains, use detergent to wipe the surface.

When placing the steel arc mobile pededstal for sale, please avoid direct sunlight to prevent the paint from oxidizing, and avoid overloading to prevent damage to the steel file cabinet structure. When you need to move, try not to drag it so as not to damage the paint surface.
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