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Office steel cupboard distributors

Office steel cupboard distributors are made of cold-rolled steel sheets, and its surface is made of electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated. The surface of Office steel cupboard distributors is made of cold-rolled steel sheet, and its surface is made of galvanized zinc, hot-dip zinc and powder electrostatic spraying, and after phosphate treatment, it is treated with epoxy resin, which creates the characteristics of high hardness and strong coloring of Office steel cupboard distributors.

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Office steel cupboard distributors should be placed gently, preferably horizontally, and keep a certain distance from the wall, and the ground where it is placed must be kept dry to prevent Office steel cupboard distributors from getting damp and alkaline. Moisture-absorbing box is more common moisture-absorbing supplies, set dehumidification, aromatic, anti-mold, deodorization and other functions in one. Moisture-absorbing boxes are mostly used for Office steel cupboard distributors moisture absorption, use only put into the cabinet inside. Activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity, available cloth bag or sack wrapped activated carbon placed in the Office steel cupboard distributors, so that the file cabinet to keep dry. Tiger lilies, large-leaved plants can absorb excess moisture in the space, forming a small indoor space circulation system to maintain the balance of indoor air. At the same time, Office steel cupboard distributors do not contact with acid, alkali and other liquids to prevent corrosion of the cabinet. office steel cupboard distributors to often keep clean, if found that its surface is not clean enough, to cleaners to wipe, and then wipe with a dry rag Clean can be.
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