office 3 drawer file cabinet manufacture

Office 3 drawer file cabinet manufacture uses phosphor-free electrostatic powder coating, which is green and environmentally friendly, without pungent odor, beautiful color, mirror-like smooth surface, and more durable. Anti-tilt design, each drawer can only be opened to avoid multiple openings at the same time Two drawers cause office 3 drawer file cabinet manufacture to fall over due to the unstable center of gravity

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This classic office 3 drawer file manufacture cabinet is made of sturdy metal, with each drawer located on a fully stretched ball bearing taxi, while the mechanical locking system can only open one drawer at a time to prevent tip-over. Each drawer has a dent for marking on the surface, while the side of the full-height drawer holds hanging files and folders for optimal organization. Made in China, office 3 drawer file cabinet manufacture has a selection of finishes to suit your style and space.
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