China furniture vertical storage cabinet

Most of the China furniture vertical storage cabinets use high-quality cold-rolled steel plates, which are steel plates that are further thinned below crystal temperature at room temperature to the target thickness. Compared with other steel plates, cold-rolled steel plates are more precise in thickness and have a smooth and beautiful surface. The thickness of the sheet should be selected to be a little thicker so that the Production of China furniture vertical storage cabinet will be more durable. The price of the sheet is attractive, but the service life is worrying, poor load-bearing easy to lead to deformation. Generally speaking, the thickness of the plate at 0.6mm-0.7mm is a very good thickening plate.

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In the selection of China furniture vertical storage cabinet should first pull out the drawer to see whether the left and right side of the slide is hairless, skin-like feel, seam interface hand slip no burrs, no teeth, look at the bottom and outside of the China furniture vertical storage cabinet panel, touch its smooth degree by hand, see if the edge is straight, paint is uniform, no color difference, Then look at whether the spray is using environmentally friendly plastic powder, environmentally friendly plastic powder on the human body and the surrounding environment does not produce harm. Non-toxic, no side effects, no odor. In terms of design, it's best to focus on simplicity, opting for a minimalist China furniture vertical storage cabinet. Flashy is the taboo of purchasing office furniture, choose China furniture vertical storage cabinet style should not be too fancy, complex, simple style of the file cabinet can also facilitate the future office workers daily access to information.
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