box box file office furniture pedestal

box box file office furniture pedestal consists of four parts: drawer, cabinet body, road track, and locking device.
1. drawers and cabinet body. box box file office furniture pedestal’s drawers and cabinet body are mainly made of cold-rolled steel, fireproof board, melamine board, etc. box box file office furniture pedestal can be composed of the above single material, or can be made of two or Two or more kinds of materials combined. Among them, cold-rolled steel plate and melamine board have many colors, which can be provided to customers to choose.
2. Track. At present, cold-rolled steel plate is the main material. By spraying, electroplating and other treatment methods.
3. Locking device. From the perspective of durability, the best material is stainless steel, especially used as a surface material, the more you use it, the brighter it is. Its strength is good, corrosion resistance, and unchanging color.

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Box box file office furniture pedestal in people's daily office to bring people great convenience, its can change position at will, so that the office space alternate use, to avoid a lot of inconvenience caused by crowding. And box box file office furniture pedestal covers an area of small, can store various types of documents, general A4 paper paper documents into which can also be put into other small types of documents, can greatly save the use of desktop space. As box box file office furniture pedestal style style is not much difference, so the office furniture company will be based on the customer's psychological price for customers to recommend the price of different products, quality is not much difference, but the materials used in some discrepancies!
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