2021 China steel wardrobe with lock

1.2021 China steel wardrobe with lock is equipped with aluminum alloy handle, which is smooth and does not hurt your hands: smooth surface, not easy to rust, and long service life
2. Steel anti-theft locks: steel core, permanent discoloration, safe to use
3. High load-bearing pulley: high load does not deform, pulls smoothly, less than 26 decibels, rejects noise
4. Adjustable shelf: adjustable shelf, adjustable height, 2021 China steel wardrobe with lock has more room for item adjustment

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Compared with traditional wooden furniture, the 2021 China steel wardrobe with lock has great advantages in terms of fire resistance, robustness and environmental protection. Wardrobe with lock is generally made of cold-rolled steel plate, and then the surface is made of electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, powder electrostatic spraying and many other technologies, which is strong and durable. And from the overall point of view, the wardrobe with a lock is a relatively simple, economical light portable storage device, convenient and durable.
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